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Entire Agreement

"Shubh Baraat" is a wedding planning website that offers information regarding the organization and planning of all the events and activities that takes place before, during and after a marriage ceremony. The services which are provided by Shubh Baraat include website www.Shubh or any subdomain of www.Shubh or other content, feature or application offered in the context of the Shubh Baraat website either directly or through an app for mobile devices.

The "terms of use" in this agreement present the legally bound conditions applicable to the use of services offered by Shubh Baraat. By availing the services of Shubh Baraat, either just as a "visitor" (means you are browsing through the Shubh website) or a user (means you have registered yourself on the Shubh website and have submitted some information, either as a single individual or on behalf of a company), you give your consent to be bound by this agreement.

Shubh Baraat has the authority to make modifications in the terms and conditions with time as it seems fit. By continually using the services of Shubh Baraat, you agree to bind by the potential changes that may be made in the document. There would be no prior notification regarding the changes in the Shubh Baraat terms and conditions, and therefore, it is advisable to regularly check the modifications or updates made on the Shubh Baraat site. This agreement includes the obligations, rights, and restrictions of the user in the context of their use of the Shubh Baraat services and should be read carefully. In case the user or visitor decides that they cannot agree to the terms and conditions presented here, they should immediately discontinue the use of Shubh Baraat services.

These "terms and conditions" constitute an entire agreement between the company and the client. Neither of the two parties shall rely on any statements, representations or warranties not expressly set forth herein.

Before uploading, submitting or embedding any material on the Shubh Baraat website, we urge you to give it a thought and appropriately consider the task. As per the facilities provided by the Shubh Baraat website, you are permitted to submit, upload or embed any content or photos, for which you possess the copyright or the right to publish. In the scenario that you submit, upload or insert any content or pictures, for which you do not own the copyright, you become subject to legal liabilities in the context of the intellectual property rights.

Rule For Membership

We strictly condemned the information which is registered by any minor. The children who are below 18, their request will not be entertained by us. If their parents or any of their relatives aware of it, the company shall take the legal action against the given information.

Submission Guidelines

User Content

Shubh Baraat denies any ownership rights regarding the files, images, photos, text, audio, video, musical content, individual works or any other kind of material (under the umbrella term, "User Content") which you submit, upload or embed on the Shubh Baraat Services. You agree to warrant and represent the ownership rights of your User Content that has been posted by you through or on the Shubh Baraat Services. You also agree that regarding the user content for which you possess sufficient title, right, and interest, Shubh Baraat will be granted the license mentioned below, which will be valid as long as does not violate, infringe upon or misappropriate the public and privacy rights, intellectual property rights, contract rights, copyrights, or any other kind of rights of any other person. In case the user content posted by you on the Shubh Baraat site belongs to another party, you agree to pay for all the fees, royalties and monies deserved by that party.

After you post, upload or embed any user content relevant to the Shubh Baraat services, the rights you held before posting the User content will persist, and you would be authorized to use the user content as per your discretion.

However, by publishing, posting or displaying any kind of User Content through or on the Shubh Baraat Services, you hereby grant to Shubh Baraat a royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable, transferable, global license to display, use, reproduce, modify (reformat and re-arrange), adapt, and distribute the User Content through any media currently present or created in the future. Photographs posted in the context of the Shubh Baraat Services or on any Shubh Baraat site and publication should include proper attribution to the copyright holder and photographer.

Prohibited Content

Shubh Baraat reserves the sole right and absolute discretion for determining if any of its user content is appropriate or inappropriate; and holds the authority to remove any such User Content, without any further notice to you, in case it determines the content inappropriate. Without restricting to the general case of foregoing, the following list is a partial compilation of all those types of User content which can be deemed inappropriate by Shubh Baraat.

Content that intends to criticizes an individual or a business or individual apart from the purpose of offering an opinion.

Content with the intention to harasses or presented in a way that it advocates harassment of another individual/party.

Content which encourages exploitation of the people violently or sexually.

Content that includes violence, nudity, or any other kind of offensive and objectionable subject matter or instead includes a link to some adult website.

Material that comprises ethical, racial, or another kind of questionable language use.

Prohibited Activity

You are in complete agreement that you face prohibition from engaging in, or from encouraging the engagement in the following prohibited acts regarding your utilization of the Shubh Baraat Services

Copying, translating, modifying, broadcasting, publishing, licensing, assigning, sublicensing, distributing, transmitting, publicly performing or displaying, or making transactions related to any Third Party material or other content from Shubh Baraat which appears through or on the Shubh Baraat site.

Any tortious or criminal activity, including but not restricted to fraud, child pornography, trafficking of some obscene material like drugs or poached material, gambling, drug dealing, stalking, harassment, spamming, sending computer viruses or other kinds of dangerous programs, acts of patent infringement, copyright infringement, or stealing trade secrets.

Obscuring or covering banner advertisements present on your profile page, or any other Shubh Baraat page through HTML/CSS or by another medium.

Use of any automated system to create scripts for adding friends or sending messages and comments.

Copyright Policy

You are not authorized to modify, post, reproduce or distribute in any form any kind of trademarks,copyrighted materials, and other types of proprietary information which may belong to Shubh Baraat or others (including content not restricted to Third Party or Shubh Baraat) without receiving the consent priorly in written from the owner of such trademarks, copyrighted material, and/or other forms of proprietary information. In the case that it comes to our notice that one of the users of Shubh Baraat has a record of repeat infringement, as per our policy, Shubh Baraat can take reasonable actions within their authority to terminate such a user. Without putting restrictions to the foregoing, if you have a belief that some/all of your work on the Shuh Baraat services have been copied, pasted and used in such a manner that it reflects copyright infringement, it is your responsibility to contact Shubh Baraat and provide them with a relevant evidence, post which they will investigate and take the reasonable action.