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Rule For Membership

We strictly condemned the information which is registered by any minor. The children who are below 18, their request will not be entertained by us. If their parents or any of their relatives aware of it, the company shall take the legal action against the given information.

1 - ASTRALIS WEDDING PRIVATE LIMITED (here after refer to as SHUBHBARAAT) excludes any warranty, express are implied, as to the quality, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance, fitness, for a particular purpose of any of its contents, hosted on any of SHUBHBARAAT servers, unless otherwise specified in writing.

2 - All information including text and pictures to be provided by the client, who should also be the legal copyright owner of the same SHUBHBARAAT shall not be liable for any claims/damages, arising out of content posted on your catalog. The material provided must comply with national and international law.

3 - SHUBHBARAAT has the right to promote the content (text, images, videos, brochures etc.) provided by the client on various platforms and properties owned by the company.

4 - Pursuant to the signing of this Performa invoice, I hear by allow SHUBHBARAAT to make commercial call to my number(s) and organization contact number (s). this declaration will hold valid even if I chose to get my numbers registered for NDNC at any future date.

5 - All services are offered without any performance guarantee in terms of no. of enquiries, conformed order etc.

6 - SHUBHBARAAT will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damage for loss of business projects, or loss of profit) arising in contract or otherwise from the use of or inability to use any site or any of its contents, hosted on any of SHUBHBARAAT servers.

7 - I indemnify SHUBHBARAAT of all claims, conflict or legal proceedings arising out of all information, date, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, videos, messages or any other material (content) posted on the website or privately transmitted. I undertake the sole responsibility to take necessary action under such circumstances. this means that me, and not SHUBHBARAAT, is entirely responsible for all content that is present on his /her website, posted or transmitted via the service.

8 - Refund of any amount is at the sole discretion of the company.

9 - SHUBHBARAAT reserves the right to add or change the above terms and conditions as and when required. changes made by SHUBHBARAAT will be deemed to have been accepted, if you continue to use the services thereafter.


When the use of services from Shubh Baraat is prohibited, the agreement is void. By registering on the Shubh Baraat website, the user

warrants and represents that they have the capacity, authority and right to enter and to completely follow all the terms and conditions presented in this Agreement.

agrees to comply with all the applicable national and international laws, ordinances, regulations, and statutes, regarding their use of the Shubh Baraat Services.

Process Of Registration

To use the Shubh Baraat website, either to use our services or to submit and upload photos and content, you are needed to register with Shubh Baraat and create a profile. For registration, you must provide a valid email address, which will function as a unique identifier of your Shubh Baraat account and a password. For any information which you share on the site, it will be your sole responsibility to maintain the privacy of your account and password. You (the user) have to accept all the responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. The company shall shoulder no responsibility for any loss or damage to the account. The user needs to provide the complete information in the registration form. If the user gives any information which is inappropriate then as the company we have the right to terminate the membership and their registration

Booking & Event-Related Guidelines

Booking Fee

Once the user is registered on our website and shares their all information, they are asked to pay the booking fee. Once the client pays the amount, it will be non-refundable. Once Shubh Baraat acknowledges your order the requisite amount shall be debited from your credit card account and you shall be duly notified by email that the payment has been processed. The fee may be processed before Special Occasions dispatch off the product ordered by you. If we have to cancel the order once the payment is processed, the said amount will be transferred back into your credit card account. Availability and prices and are subject to change without notice.


All deposits payable under this agreement are completely non-refundable. In the unlikely event of forfeiture of Client's deposit due to conditions outlined in this contract, company in good faith, but with no guarantee, will scrutinize the business to see whether any part of the deposit can be utilized in a future program. Some situations that may result in the cancelation of your order include restrictions on quantities that are available for purchase, errors or inaccuracies in product or pricing information, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department.


We require our clients to make 90% payment of contracted services not later than 30-days before the start date of their first event. We reserve the right to hold, delay, or cancel any services due to the failure of Client to make the payment when due any advance, deposit or payment due hereunder. You must agree, and confirm that the credit card details you provide for availing our services are accurate and correct and you shall not make any payments with a credit card that does not lawfully belong to you, i.e., in a credit card transaction, you must use your credit card. You must also further agree and undertake to provide valid card details when making payment to us.

Guarantee Policy

All tours, chartered transportations, special events, and activities must provide a 14-day final guarantee or headcount unless noted otherwise. Any contracted service that is priced on a "per person" basis is subject to a possible rate increase if the group size exceeds the vehicle capacity and required minimum head counts are not met. The company retains the right to charge additional advance deposits/payments if the final guaranteed headcount substantially increases the contracted amount of the Client's program.

Partial Program Reduction

If the client cancels a specific service element of the Client's program after the deadline required by the Guarantee Policy mentioned above, Client will have to pay cancellation fees applicable to it. We as merchants shall be under no obligation whatsoever, concerning losses or damages that arise directly or indirectly out of the refusal of authorization for transactions, on account of the Cardholder exceeding the preset limit mutually agreed to, by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

Complete Cancellation Of Program

Upon the receipt and countersignature of this signed agreement by us, the arrangements as outlined will be secured and considered definite. If the Client cancels the entire program, the following cancellation schedule will apply.

Notice Of Cancellation Between Vendors & Clients

Less than 45 days before program start date 90% of Current Estimated Charges Between 46-90 days before program start date 60% of Current Estimated Charges Greater than 90 days before program start date 30% of Current Estimated Charges.

Card Details

Once the client agrees with the terms and conditions of the event, we ask them for the payment and confirm that they shall pay the amount through credit card. All the details provided by the user must be correct and accurate. The company shall not use the credit card that does not lawfully belong to the user. The client must use his or her credit card. The client will later on agree and commit to providing the valid and correct credit card details while making payment for the event. Any third party will not share the details.

Verified By Visa & Mastercard

The company only accepts the card which is verified by Visa and MasterCard. The aim & objective of Verified is to create a level of consumer trust and confidence. It is designed in a way that it improves both cardholder and the company's confidence to reduce disputes and fraudulent activity pertaining to the use of Visa & MasterCard payment cards.

Digital Communications

When you visit the company site or try to communicate while sending emails to us, the user is interacting with us electronically. The client consents to receive communications from us electronically as well. We talk with them by email or by posting update notices on the site.


Once the client agrees to let secure the site at which the client's event is scheduled in accordance with the client's program agenda. In the unlikely event of a contracted supplier or venue provider failing to perform the services in contract, we will immediately notify you and reschedule an alternative activity and function with your approval.

Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages

The client must agree that none of their guests shall bring alcoholic drinks to the venue. The licensed concessionaire holds the right to confiscate and remove from the event any, and all alcoholic refreshments brought to the site and also, can refuse service to anyone that appears to be over intoxicated.

Food & Beverage Services

All food and beverages will be contracted and supplied by our approved vendor.

Property Damage & Loss Of Equipments

Client shall be liable for all death, personal injury and property damage, caused by Client or guests. The company will not be liable for any damages. You agree to protect, compensate, and hold harmless Shubh Baraat, its directors, employees, agents, officers, from any costs and expenses, damages, claims, liabilities, losses, including the fees of the attorney, arising out of allegations that rest upon your actions, which may cause any loss or liability to Special Occasions or any third party that include but are not restricted to violation of any representations , warranties, or undertakings or regarding the non-fulfillment of any of your liabilities under this User Agreement or arising out of the your violation of any relevant laws and regulations which include but are not confined to Intellectual Property Rights, claim of libel, payment of statutory dues and taxes, breach of privacy rights or publicity, defamation, loss of service by the other subscribers and infringement of intellectual property or other reasons.

Personal Items

The client is responsible for all personal items of Client's guests. The company, the venue, or other vendors shall not be responsible for missing, lost or stolen items. Shubh Baraat, its parent, subsidiary, affiliate, officers, employees, agents, directors, successors and assigns harmless from any claim.