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Shubh Baraat Policies

Every information provided by the user remains secured and safe. SubhBaraat.Com does not disclose or reveal any information until it is required. Before move further, please go through with the policy. Our policy changes from time to time, it is requested to check with the updated plan.

  • 1. Is it necessary to fill out the information?

    We collect all the information with the purpose. For example, full name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number. When you submit the information while browsing the website, it remains secure with us. We need that information in order to process and fulfill your order. Registering your details as a user of our site, we may provide the best services.

  • 2. What is the use of collected Information?

    • To provide users with the requested services and products.
    • To market the user services to prospective local clients.
    • To manage the account of the user and render customer support.
    • To analyze and research on the user's demand.
    • To communicate with our user by email, telephone, and mobile devices.
    • To interact with our user with regard.

    Also, we use our user's contact details to market and make available to you information about our services and products. If you feel that you no longer want to receive information or communications from us, you are free to follow the instructions to unsubscribe. During the registration, Shubh collects every vital information with the objective to provide assistance from experts for any specific requirements of the clients. If there are any specific needs, then they can connect with those experts.

  • 3. Do the Information Shared or Disclosed

    We would like you to know, with whom and under what circumstances we share your personal information. We never disclose any information unless the vendors or experts require it. Before we share any information with our vendors, we inform our users first and give them the chance to opt out of the services. We might share your personal info with Service Providers who are registered with Shubh that perform specific functions on the customers' behalf. Such information sharing with service providers allows the user to meet their exact requirement. The service providers are available to meet your requirements. The information we that share is usually the information requested during the time of registration, which includes the first names of the bride and groom, contact numbers, the kind of service required, the venue where the service is to be performed, a description of the required service, and the profile picture of the couple.

  • 4. What about the Security Control?

    Shubh is very committed about the safety of the user’s personal information. We have our team of an administration who gauze and protect the data from unauthorized users. However, we can provide no guarantees that hackers or unauthorized personnel will not be able to access your data despite the best of our efforts. However, you must note that all your data will be used by Shubh only.

  • 5. Do we have Links to Other Websites?

    Shubh may have links to other websites. However, we do not share responsibility for the privacy methods of other sites. Our users are requested to scrutinize the privacy statements and understand them before they register with us.

  • 6. Do we accept Children's Information?

    The general audience can access our website; however, we do not entertain any information from children below the age of 13 years. If Shubh comes to know that any child below the age of 13 has registered with us, we will delete their information as soon as possible. Parents who have the intimacy that their child has shared any info with Shubh, they can contact us at

  • 7. Can the user change or delete the Information?

    Whatever the information has submitted by our user, if they feel to change then they have access to do so. With the passage of time, some users like to add or delete some vital information about them. They have the freedom to update their status or change their settings. Even if, they want to remove their account then they can do it. Besides, if they wish to know anything or change anything, then they can call us or email us.