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Submission Guidelines

User Content

Shubh Baraat denies any ownership rights regarding the files, images, photos, text, audio, video, musical content, individual works or any other kind of material (under the umbrella term, "User Content") which you submit, upload or embed on the Shubh Baraat Services. You agree to warrant and represent the ownership rights of your User Content that has been posted by you through or on the Shubh Baraat Services. You also agree that regarding the user content for which you possess sufficient title, right, and interest, Shubh Baraat will be granted the license mentioned below, which will be valid as long as does not violate, infringe upon or misappropriate the public and privacy rights, intellectual property rights, contract rights, copyrights, or any other kind of rights of any other person. In case the user content posted by you on the Shubh Baraat site belongs to another party, you agree to pay for all the fees, royalties and monies deserved by that party.

After you post, upload or embed any user content relevant to the Shubh Baraat services, the rights you held before posting the User content will persist, and you would be authorized to use the user content as per your discretion.

However, by publishing, posting or displaying any kind of User Content through or on the Shubh Baraat Services, you hereby grant to Shubh Baraat a royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable, transferable, global license to display, use, reproduce, modify (reformat and re-arrange), adapt, and distribute the User Content through any media currently present or created in the future. Photographs posted in the context of the Shubh Baraat Services or on any Shubh Baraat site and publication should include proper attribution to the copyright holder and photographer.

In the absence of the appropriate license, Shubh Baraat won't be able to efficiently provide its Shubh Baraat Services or any material with user content in it. Moreover, the license that you will grant to Shubh Baraat would be non-exclusive (meaning that you have the freedom to license all your Content to anyone along with Shubh Baraat), royalty-free (implying that Shubh Baraat does not hold a responsibility to pay you for using the User Content that you will post), fully-paid, worldwide (since the use of the internet will make the Shubh Baraat Services globally accessible) and sublicensable (implying that Shubh Baraat would be able to involve its subcontractors (Internet content providers) and affiliates to provide the Shubh Baraat Services.

This license will face termination at that time when you(user) will remove the User Content from the Shubh Baraat Services except regarding all those User Content that Shubh Baraat has sublicensed before removing your created User Content from the Shubh Baraat Services, who shall continue to persist. For removing the User Content, a request has to be sent to info@Shubh including a brief explanation/description of the item(s) which are meant to undergo removal in addition to the URL of the current location of the item(s) on the website of Shubh Baraat. The item(s) will be disposed off, as early as possible

The services provided by Shubh Baraat consists of content and information owned by Shubh Baraat ("Shubh Baraat Content"). Shubh Baraat Content is under protection using the trademark, copyright, trade secret, patent, and any other regulations and laws, and Shubh Baraat asserts the ownership and retention of all the rights regarding Shubh Baraat Content and the services from Shubh Baraat. Shubh Baraat grants its users a revocable, limited, non-sublicensable license for viewing the content of Shubh Baraat (not including software codes) meant for the sole purpose of your personal use related to the viewing of the Shubh Baraat site and the use of the services offered by Shubh Baraat. Without restricting to the foregoing generality, the users agree that they shall not modify, copy, publish, translate, transmit, broadcast, sublicense, license, distribute, assign, display, perform or trade any content from Shubh Baraat appearing through or on the Shubh Baraat site.

Prohibited Content

Shubh Baraat reserves the sole right and absolute discretion for determining if any of its user content is appropriate or inappropriate; and holds the authority to remove any such User Content, without any further notice to you, in case it determines the content inappropriate. Without restricting to the general case of foregoing, the following list is a partial compilation of all those types of User content which can be deemed inappropriate by Shubh Baraat.

Content that intends to criticizes an individual or a business or individual apart from the purpose of offering an opinion.

Content with the intention to harasses or presented in a way that it advocates harassment of another individual/party.

Content which encourages exploitation of the people violently or sexually.

Content that includes violence, nudity, or any other kind of offensive and objectionable subject matter or instead includes a link to some adult website.

Material that comprises ethical, racial, or another kind of questionable language use.

Content that is defamatory, libelous, or in some other form of tortious language.

Content that intends to solicits personal data or information from anyone under 18.

Content that promotes false information misleads viewers or endorses illegal acts or any conduct which is threatening, obscene, defamatory, abusive, or libelous.

Material which supports the unauthorized or illegal copying of another individual copyrighted work, as offering pirated computer software or their links, providing pirated audio files or applications to bypass manufactured- copy-resistant programs.

Content which promotes and constitutes the transmission of "chain letters," "junk mail," "instant messaging," "spamming" or "unsolicited mass mailing."

Content that involves password only accessible content, hidden images or restricted pages.

Content that promotes or endorses any criminal enterprise or activity or offers instructional information regarding illegal acts comprising of, but not restricted to manufacturing or purchasing illegal arms, violating others privacy, or providing instructions on building computer viruses.

Content that intends to solicit personal identifying data like passwords for either commercial or other unlawful purposes from different Users.

Content that comprises of commercial events and sales without the prior consent taken in written from Shubh Baraat in the form of sweepstakes, contests, advertising, pyramid schemes or barters.

Prohibited Activity

You are in complete agreement that you face prohibition from engaging in, or from encouraging the engagement in the following prohibited acts regarding your utilization of the Shubh Baraat Services

Copying, translating, modifying, broadcasting, publishing, licensing, assigning, sublicensing, distributing, transmitting, publicly performing or displaying, or making transactions related to any Third Party material or other content from Shubh Baraat which appears through or on the Shubh Baraat site.

Any tortious or criminal activity, including but not restricted to fraud, child pornography, trafficking of some obscene material like drugs or poached material, gambling, drug dealing, stalking, harassment, spamming, sending computer viruses or other kinds of dangerous programs, acts of patent infringement, copyright infringement, or stealing trade secrets.

Obscuring or covering banner advertisements present on your profile page, or any other Shubh Baraat page through HTML/CSS or by another medium.

Use of any automated system to create scripts for adding friends or sending messages and comments.

Disrupting, interfering, or creating an obstruction or unnecessary burden on the services provided by Shubh Baraat or on the networks catering to the services offered by Shubh Baraat.

Making attempts towards impersonating another person, User, or any other representative from Shubh Baraat

Making efforts or intending to use the username, account, and password of any another User at some time or trying to disclose your password to other third parties or providing access to other third parties for accessing your account.

Making attempts to sell or transfer your personal or other's profile information, without taking prior consent of Shubh Baraat

Making use of the information accessed from Shubh Baraat to harass, abuse, or harm another individual.

An act which involves the display of an advertisement on your personal profile, or involves the acceptance of payment or any other material of value from another third party or person exchanging it with your performance regarding any commercial act using the services provided by Shubh Baraat, involving instances like placement of commercial contents on your personal profile, publishing bulletins, blogs intending a commercial use, or transmitting personal and private messages having a commercial intention.

Making use of the services offered from the Shubh Baraat using a medium not consistent or aligning with some or all applicable regulations and laws.