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Nov 2019

Reasons Why to fall for a Destination Wedding


Destination Wedding is a contemporary yet ethnic way to fill-up your D-Day with lots of fun, memories and zest. It is a celebration with closely-knit people who travel together to an aesthetically pleasing place- away from home. Couples today, are breaking all the stereotypes regarding marriages. They know how to make the most of "their" day. Destination weddings can be- theme-based, like vintage, modern, casual, bohemian, or any other as per the peculiar taste of the 'duo.' 

We, at ShubhBaraat proffer you all the services related to your wedding, be it searching wedding planners, candid photo-shoots, wedding decor, destination wedding, and lot more- you can get it all!

Below are few reasons why to choose

destination wedding-

1. Selected Guests 

Preparing guest list is a cumbersome task, which requires great dealing of thinking. Destination wedding lets you filter out guests.


2. Trying something Fresh 

Destination weddings are no less than a fairy tale wedding, everything comes off with a surprise. The excitement is never slowing down and it is a great chance to try out something exceptional. 


3.  No Stress 

You can get into relax mode. As most of the wedding prep is done by wedding planners, you can actually enjoy it to the fullest.

4.  More time with guests 

Destination Weddings lasts a little longer than a usual wedding, and therefore you can spend more quality time with your friends and family, making them feel 'spesh'


5. Affordable

Yes, they are! Don't be surprised, destination weddings are quite in the budget, if you plan-out smartly. You can set it up in a low season and make it HUGE.


6. Reflect your personality 

We value your sentiments and traditions, subsequently you can reflect your personality through unique themes and destination. 


7. Memorable 

Last but not the least, destination wedding leaves a lasting impact on everyone. While walking down the nostalgic lane, you ll cherish these moments.

Let us altogether pump-up your Big day with grandeur and beauty

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