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Nov 2019

A wedding is a landmark event that is looked forward to, enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime


A wedding is a landmark event that is looked forward to, enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime. There is nothing sweeter than looking at a wedding album down the years and recollecting all the wonderful and memorable happenings. Imagine an album that lets you look back at wedding portraits as well as the funny, comical, sentimental and tear-jerker moments. The best wedding photographer not only captures clear and crisp images but also tells a story through the photos of the day. 

The story of how two people start their forever together.

Wedding photography covers the entire span of your event from the engagement and pre wedding photoshoot to the actual ceremony. There are two types of wedding photography; formal and candid. The formal aspect of wedding photography covers the family portraits and the staged and posed pictures of all the key people in the event. It also covers the actual ceremony and highlights of the day. Here, the couple and the key people are the focus and main subjects of the picture. If you would like beautifully staged portraits, we are the best wedding photographer in Delhi with a team who can help you get magazine quality images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Candid wedding photography is when the photographer captures the unplanned moments that happen spontaneously through the special day. This is a growing trend and especially appreciated in these times when photos are shared across social media. Candid pictures capture much of the emotions as well as the poignancy of the day. Any key occurrences and fun moments are also recorded to look at and re-live the joy of the day. These pictures may not necessarily feature the bride and the groom front and centre but capture the mood of all the different members of the wedding party. From the dancers in the Baraat to the guests enjoying Mithai there are plenty of opportunities for candid wedding photos. 

The photographer not only requires a keen eye to look out for moments to capture but needs to have excellent technical skills to capture pictures on the fly regardless of lighting and angles and still get memorable pictures. It takes a sensitive and talented photographer to sense the emotions and get them all on film.

Indian wedding photography is ideally a blend of the two styles of wedding photography. The many rituals and formalities are ideal for formal photography. The colour and overall enthusiasm and fun aspect of Indian weddings make them perfect for candid wedding photography. Shubhbaraat works with you to understand your vision of how you would like your precious moments captured. Our best wedding photographers work with you as a team to understand your vision and capture the theme that you would prefer. 

The pre-wedding rituals are the time when the families and friends come together and formally announce the couple's start on a lifelong journey together. It is a time when the best wedding photographer can capture all the beauty and tentativeness of a couple about to be married. Our vendor have the experience and expertise to create an amazing pre wedding shoot. If you are a fun non-conventional couple who wants a pre wedding photoshoot that showcases your shared interests, we can plan a venue and a theme that suits you. If you are looking for a formal pre-wedding portrait to feature on your wedding invitations and social media we can work in that direction. Shubhbaraat can also help you recreate the theme of your first meeting in a pre-wedding shoot to share with the world how your special love story began. Our high-quality images are ideal for both prints, digital use as well as social media. 

The actual wedding ceremony and the allied ceremonies call for excellent formal photography skills that our photographers excel at. For the wedding photography package, we recommend that you plan for a blend of the two styles of formal and candid pictures. While one team focusses on the bride and groom, the candid team will capture pictures of the rest of the wedding party for posterity. If your wedding is a multiday event as most Indian weddings are we work with the event management team to create and capture a happy record of your event.

Wedding receptions call for beautiful formal portraits of the guests and family present to bless the couple. The rest of the wedding party are best covered with candid pictures of all the fun, laughter and food. We anticipate all the memorable moments that you would want in your wedding album. 


Indian wedding photography also calls for cultural sensitivity and knowledge of all the rituals to capture significant steps in traditional practices. Our wedding photographers are experienced and knowledgeable in different customs to be in the right place at the right time. We are fully equipped with the latest in equipment as well as technology to capture excellent shots whether daytime, nighttime, indoors or outdoor. Our photographers will work with the backdrop and lighting to create the most romantic and beautiful images. If there is any style of photography that you would prefer we would love to recreate the look and themes that inspire you. We can process the images to give you a unique result.

So if you are looking for the best wedding photographer in India for pre wedding shoots, candid wedding photography, formal wedding portraits and just about any style of pictures that would like to remember your wedding by, choose Shubhbaraat.


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