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Nov 2019

A wedding is a culmination of a lifelong dream to find the perfect match


Wedding Makeup And Hair 

A wedding is a culmination of a lifelong dream to find the perfect match and the start of the couple's life long journey together. It is an event that will be remembered and recollected for years to come. In modern times the entire event is recorded and shared in photos and videos. So, it is only natural that everyone wants to look their very best for the big day. 

A rich and beautiful wedding ensemble would be incomplete without coordinated wedding makeup. A professional makeup artist will help you perfectly coordinate your bridal hair and makeup with the theme and look of your entire look. The best bridal makeup is that which makes the bride look beautiful and radiant and matches not only her outfit but also her personality. 

Bridal Makeup And The Wedding Outfit 

Though tradition has dictated certain colours and outfits that are worn for weddings, the trends and fashions have come a long way. Modern wedding fashion blends the best of modern materials with the timeless grandeur and elegance of traditional looks. 

When one is working with a professional makeup artist one should share all the other elements of the chosen style and look. If the wedding has a theme and a particular decor, share all the details with your makeup artist. If possible, take the chosen wedding outfit along for the discussion with the wedding makeup artist. If it is not possible to take the actual outfit, samples and pictures will be required to plan and discuss makeup ideas and how they will work together. 

Giving the makeup artist information about the ambience and lighting of the wedding venue is also advisable. The makeup for a daytime outdoor wedding with natural light would be very different from that for an indoor artificially lit venue. If the wedding ceremonies and the accompanying rituals are going to be long drawn out, the makeup will have to be planned accordingly. Daylong weddings call for having the wedding hair and makeup artist on hand for touch-ups. 

Wedding Hair Styling 

On your wedding, the entire focus is going to be on your and yourface. Your hair will make the ideal frame for your face and needs to look incredible in person and in photographs. Your chosen hairdo would ideally be well matched to the outfit as well as flattering to the face. An elaborate and grand wedding outfit would call for an equally intricate and embellished hairdo. Some brides opt to have their up in a hairdo or a bun for the wedding ceremony and wear it down for the wedding reception for a more casual look. The chosen hairstyles should be comfortable so that the bride can relax and enjoy the rituals without fussing too much with her hair. The hairstyles should also accommodate the necessity of wearing a veil or dupatta if required. 

Skin Care And Makeup 

Bridal hair and makeup plans should ideally start before the actual wedding day. Choose the best wedding makeup artist near me to start on a skincare routine well in advance to pamper and rejuvenate your skin to look its best on your special day. A wedding makeup artist would have several pre-wedding packages to choose from for the best grooming and preparation. 


Prewedding photoshoots are very popular. A wedding makeup artist can be on hand to prepare the couple for all the prewedding shoots. Prewedding photoshoots are usually organised to create a set of pictures to introduce the couple to their friends on social media as well as in the wedding invites and other material. 

Wedding Makeup For The Rest Of The Wedding Party 

Wedding makeup packages are also designed for the rest of the friends and family of the bride. Some groups of friends and family of the couple plan and coordinate their looks and makeup.This is best achieved by planning and doing their makeup with the same expert and professional wedding makeup artist. 

The Groom 

Bridegrooms are not far behind when it comes to the best of style and fashion on the big day. A professional wedding makeup artist will work with the bridegroom to style his hair and apply required makeup so that the groom looks his best on his wedding day.

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