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When we talk about the wedlock, we invariably come up with a lot of things. It starts with unlimited fun, traditional rituals, delicious meals, family congregation, and unaccountable memories.

SHUBH BARAAT, has been taking care of emotions and cater the best memories of a lifetime. We capture the expressions and put it into the frame which remains in heart for so many years. In any culture, the wedding has always been an essential function for every individual and so for their relatives and friends. We know the importance of emotions and feelings which are associated with this auspicious day. Apart from it, tying in a nuptial knot gives the satisfaction to enter into a divine zone, where two different individuals start living together. The couples grow with each other and make their life beautiful and memorable. It begins with a dream, and it remains with unaccountable memories. It's not all about managing the entire wedding; it's all about living with the memories.

A wedding ceremony has its own charm and excitement which every individual dream about. We believe in those dreams and make it possible for them. We know how important the wedding is for any Bride and Groom. It's just not the celebration for them; it's the time when two different cultures and two different families come together.

We as a wedding event company, always work as per the requirement and make it happen with full of enthusiasm. Being in the service industry, we always keep one thing in our mind, and that is "Customer Satisfaction". With a team of specialists, we make sure that the event must meet as per the convenience. We are known for our services, and we always stand by it.

Our Mision & Vision

We believe in "Perfection," and that is the only substantial element which drives us. Our professionalism makes us different than others. Our mission is to impart excellent services and give the satisfaction to our customer. We offer various services in which we make sure that we stand up to our client's expectations. We do not compromise with the quality or with the services. Our mission is to make it exciting and memorable for every individual. Though it's a big day for the bride and groom and we believe every single member of the family must enjoy every moment of it.

Core Goal

  • Marriage is all about two different souls who come together and tie into a strong bond forever.

  • We as an event company have a goal to make the event successful in every manner.

  • Be it a 'Fat Wedding' or a' low-cost budgeting one,' we know the importance of emotions which makes the relationship strong, pure and divine.

Our Journey


Our company has had an incredible journey so far. We have achieved to win many hearts and accolades. With our services, we have managed to create a brand which is known for its quality. We are blessed to provide services for many families who have cherished their moments with us. In our journey, we have experienced many things which have helped us to build a successful event company today. For three years, we used to work offline, but now we have our website. We look forward to meeting more families, and connecting with them to spread more happiness."Shubh Baraat" is not only a name; it's all about you and your loved ones.

Our Services


Our close association with many vendors helps us to take care of every single element which is required to make the event successful. They are well equipped, and they believe in giving the best service to our clients. We have 'Caterers, Decorators, Band & Dhols, Mehendi artists, Invitation cards, Royal rides, Dj's, Wedding planners, Make-up artists, Photographers, Choreographers, Honeymoon getaways and Specialised services. For more information, please visit our website.

Let's have a look at the details of our vendors and their services.

Venues Selection

Shortly after an engagement takes place, not only does the couple get a million well-wishes but they also face the inescapable question of where and when. As simple as the question might seem, couples often find it quite difficult to answer. No longer can a couple check that task off their 'to do' lists by selecting the only available banquet hall in their town. The success of your wedding day heavily depends on your venue selection be it a hotel, a resort or a lawn. You must ask the right questions and plan far in advance to ensure that you do not have any last-minute surprises. You start by creating a list of requirements that your perfect venue should match, and then research the potential locations you are considering. Remember your wedding day only happens once, so the more you plan, the better the result.


A wedding is the only time when the Bride and the Groom want to look perfect. Not even them, even the family members doesn't leave any stone unturned to look attractive. They come up with their best looks. To capture every single moment of the occasion, the photographers make sure that everyone should fit in the frame. The photographers make everyone looks glamorous, stylish and they able to freeze the beautiful memories. Many Vendors are associated with us, who are well equipped with 'Video photography and Still' pictures. We do various kinds of photography namely:

  • Pre-wedding Photography : A beautiful way to lock the memory forever. Pre-wedding is the new trend where couples engage themselves to have professional photos in different locations. Every couple is different than others and so their choices. Some like to have pictures around the mountains and some likes to make it memorable around the beach. However, this is the best time to know the photographer better, and it makes easy for both of them

  • Traditional Wedding Photography : Traditional wedding photography means something obvious for every one of us. Wedding cultures have had vibrant and culturally rich histories and what we have now - is a modern interpretation of everything that our ancestors practiced. We might be a little surprised and possibly even happy, when we find out, what is genuinely ancestral to the other country, or nation, or even a specific tribe. Photographers have to deal with wedding photo editing service no matter how went the wedding itself and in what country it was made. Moreover, he has to need the specific traditions and rules of the ceremony to perform it well and to place the accents in the same manner as the wedding shooter.

  • Traditional Videography : With an array of emotions, colors, and action, an Indian wedding is any videographer's ambition and the perfect event to showcase their artistry and their talent of telling stories by capturing moments in their videos. The team has shot numerous Indian weddings across multiple regions and, religions, be it a Hindu or Muslim marriage, or be it a Gujarati or Punjabi wedding, and more! We are well aware of the culture and the sentimental value that is attached to a traditional Indian marriage.

Advanced Photography
  • Drone Photography : Drones are the new sensation in town, and they have left the industry pleasantly surprised. Wedding photography has also gotten a taste of this rising trend, and it is making everyone go crazy over it already. Drone photography helps you capture the spontaneity and the most candid of the moments in a wedding ceremony with relative ease. Thus, you can reminisce the moments from your marriage ceremony long after the special day has passed, and take a hearty laugh at some of the funniest pictures of your near and dear ones. It is worth mentioning that some of these pictures can be extremely adorable too.

  • Crane Photography : This is something which is an absolute eye-catcher. No matter what where you are sitting or dancing. No matter what, how far you are going. Crane photography will not let you hide anywhere in the venue. That is the advantage when you like to shoot with the crane.

  • Candid Photography : Candid photography means capturing a moment just as it is, without any external manipulation or specific direction from the photographers. Candid photography doesn't depend upon the posed shots; instead, candid photos rely upon the magical quality of spontaneity, producing images that genuinely reflect the real life. However, they can be extremely challenging to capture, because these shots are not about merely using the camera and capturing the moments, per se, but the emotions that lie behind those moments. The transience of these moments makes the task even more complicated. You will have to take plenty of pictures to get the right shot or at least something that makes any significant impact. But once you succeed in landing such a chance, it will be worth your while.

Dj & Entertainers

Every Indian wedding has a DJ. That's a fact. When you have over 500 people coming to your wedding, reception or party with each one spending hours getting ready to have a good time and let loose you've to be 100% sure that the entertainment is in the hands of a trusted professional who can move a crowd and build up the excitement, making hands go up, and people go down, and can flow smoothly between old-school Bhangra and new school Hip Hop and everything in between.

Beauty Wellness

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Below are a few things that you should take into consideration so that you can be at your best: :

  • Let your hair grow and maintain it. To maintain its health, you should shorten it by few trims through the entire process, which can reduce a few inches off your tresses along the way.

  • Give your teeth the white color to achieve the perfect smile, and avoid any food that can cause tooth-sensitivity before the ceremony. Also, consult the professional who can help you draw out a game plan for the occasion.

  • Eat clean and healthy food, and invoke the fight in you to achieve the coveted results by cutting down on salt, sugar, and processed foodstuffs. All these food items can cause problems like bloating; something that surely wouldn't be of much help.

  • Lift weights to tone trouble areas as most women don't have the required hormones to acquire a big frame and produce toned muscles.

  • Hydrate yourself by drinking more water. Water flushes the unwanted toxins out of your body; thereby, adding a healthy glow to your skin.

Invitation cards

The Invitation card gives the first impression about the occasion, and it contains the information about the venue and the Bride and Groom family details. Many designers are associated with us who make sure that it looks appealing and attractive.

Band & Dhols

No wedding sets the mood without having the Band and Dhol. It charges you up and compels to shake the body and dance on the floor. Such is the magic of the Band that it keeps everyone entertained. We also have various DJ vendors in our panel for occasions like Wedding, Reception, and Party.

Royal Rides

Ideally, you should have the luxury to leave the task of booking the wedding transport to your fiance. But that might pose as a problem since men at times tend to mix romance with craze and action. So unless you are particularly enthused about hitching up your bridal gown to climb into a sports car with a two-seater, you may want to have at least some say into the selection of the vehicle. We provide various royal rides for weddings, engagements, etc. like Audi, BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Baggi, ghodi, etc. Therefore you can opt for the car that suits your budget. We also help you to decorate your "happily ever after ride."

Makeup Artists

Wedding is the time when everyone wants to look good. Notably, "the Bride and the Groom," must look attractive and beautiful. After all, it's a big day for the couple. Our vendors can make them feel special. Therefore, we provide various kinds of make-up services:

  • Airbrush Bridal Makeup : Airbrush Bridal Makeup is relatively thinner and more beautiful in comparison to the traditional makeup. This product is applied to the skin using the compressed air, by the airbrush stylist. The skin achieves a flawless complexion owing to the fine mist of color which completely covers the surface. To achieve the perfect combination, foundation colors are mixed so that they match the skin-tone beautifully. The mixture is applied to the décolletage which is then sprayed to the face. Thus, it seamlessly blends the jaw-line to the decolletage.

  • Bridal Makeup : On such a special day most brides want an entirely different makeup scheme than their usual look, but many are worried about not getting it right and ending up looking lurid or overdone. Getting the makeup done by an experienced makeup artist, who has a wedding makeup combination that compliments both your skin tone and your wedding style, can ensure that you look beautiful in your wedding photos.

  • HD Bridal Makeup : High-def cameras lay bare any blemish, wrinkle, or crease. But the HD lens can also expose garish, unnatural and thick pancake makeup. Un-telegenic flaws like uneven skin texture can remain hidden with the application of high definition bridal makeup. They also avoid the cakey texture of standard TV makeup.

  • Regular Bridal Makeup : If you are an Indian bride who plans to wear a traditional Lehenga or Sari of red, maroon, green or gold colors, you may also want to consider donning Indian bridal makeup. Traditionally, Indian bridal makeup includes the whole person and consists of sixteen items including the attire. These items together constitute the Solah Shringar of the bride.


In any wedding food is the most important segment. Delectable food and the taste of different cuisines make the day for every invitee. Our vendors are highly experienced, and they know how to present and what to cater. We offer catering services for different occasions like Wedding, Engagement, Parties, etc. Different cuisines do serve as per the event. The caterers help you to plan the perfect menu. Our vendors provide staffing for serving the food at your wedding reception. An excellent catering service will make available to you professional and effective servers, and in turn, give you at least one less thing to worry about. Our caterer has the experience and expertise to help you the reception which your guests will never forget!


An Indian wedding sans dance is unthinkable. Every ceremony, ranging from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the post-wedding ceremonies, involves dancing. From Sangeet (which is an entire ceremony completely dedicated to dancing and singing) to Mehendi, to the wedding, to reception, an Indian wedding, in many ways is all about dancing! Traditionally, 'dance' has been used as an expression of celebration at Indian weddings. For generations, the wedding dancing has brought families closer and helped stitch a bond of an unflinching union. Whether it has been through group numbers or contests between families, Indians have always taken their dance 'very seriously.' Hiring choreographers has become a trend these days. People want to learn the basic techniques from professionals rather than just watching television or dance videos and copying.

Wedding Decor

The moment we walk into the venue, the first thing which we notice is the 'Ambience and the settings.' The entire set up enhances the presentation and uplifts the mood for the occasion. Our decorators are highly creative and skilled professionals in doing wedding stage decor, groom car decor, event stage decor, etc.

Specialized Services

Shubh Baraat offers the Matrimonial services for our clients to select the right partner as per their choice. Marriage is a pure and divine institution where two different souls come together and start a new life. Every individual looks for someone special who could fulfill their dreams and stand beside them forever. We provide the specialized services to our users to get to know the different individuals and their needs. The user can find the right match in their community; as per their mother tongue, as per their religion and connect with them. We help to bring the couples together to find everlasting love and happiness.

Mehendi Artists

Be it the would-be-bride or any other female in the house, they all assemble together for an evening full of fun and prettify their hands with birds, beautiful flower, and abstract patterns of henna design. One of the most crucial pre-wedding customs in Indian weddings which is full of fun, a few families also combine Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony and transform it into a splendid affair. There are various kinds of mehndi designs namely Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Indo-Arabic, Moroccan, Mughlai, Multi-coloured, Glitter, African, Tattoo Mehendi, Marwadi, etc. As per some traditions in many races, the groom is also required to apply mehndi to his hands and feet. The mehndi application constitutes the Solah Shringar of a newbie or would-be-bride. Application of a little henna to the hands of the groom also symbolizes good omen. The Mehndi ceremony is reflective of the rich Indian culture, and blends together the knowledge of medicinal herbs with many delightful sentiments and beliefs. The result is a ceremony filled with fun and joy and the perfect precursor to the auspicious wedding day.

Wedding Planners

It can be an extremely stressful task to plan a wedding, and many brides seek the help of wedding planners to assist them in planning the most significant day of their lives. A wedding planner assists the bride in the planning of every aspect of the wedding, from the more significant pieces like the selection of reception hall and church to smaller details, such as bridesmaids dresses and table favors. As a wedding planner, it's a responsibility to ensure every detailing of the occasion. The team doesn't let any stone unturned until the event meets with the desired requirements. We provide wedding planners in that are well-versed in the details of handling an event in the country and have the requisite knowledge about the functions involved, the standard practices and the best people to get the job done in the most effective manner. Weddings in India require a level of involvement and commitment that is far more in-depth as compared to most cultures worldwide. When your wedding is going to incorporate so many different events like the Haldi ceremony, the Mehendi, the engagement, the cocktail party, wedding ceremony, reception and more, like most other Indian weddings, opting our services is the best way to go.

Honeymoon Gateways

It can be extraordinarily exhaustive for both the bride as well as the groom to plan honeymoons. Worst, these trips that are once-a -lifetime occasion can cost you a fortune, and still not be at par with your fantasies. Therefore, what you need is expert advice to help you reduce stress by saving money for your honeymoon plans. For some of us, a beach and cocktail will be the only way to celebrate our newlywed status, but for others something different calls when planning a honeymoon. Some people like the hustle-bustle of cities to unwind, others prefer to escape it all and head to the countryside.